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You can travel to NordBau in several ways – by car-using the motorway A7 or in comfort, by train (German Rail) and subsequently by local transport (SWN buses) or by taxi. Neum¸nster is situated in the centre of Scheswig-Holstein, in a so-called “traffic junction”. Our route planner can help you to plan your journey.


Nordbau Site Plan


German Rail Hamburg-Neumünster-
Kiel/Flensburg (IC Station)
Train schedule internet:


International Airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel,
Tel. 040 / 5075-25 57
Kiel Airport, Tel. 0431 / 329 19-0
Hamburg Airport:
Kiel Airport:


“Kielius” Shuttle bus from Hamburg Airport
(Fuhlsbüttel) via Neumünster
(Bus-stop at the fair grounds) to Neumünster,
Number 5 from the Main Station in Neumünster
to the fair grounds, Holstenhallen.
Bus schedule Kielius:
Schedule within Neumü (Messelinie)


Motorway A7, Hamburg-Flensburg/Kiel,
Exit Neumünster-Nord (North)